BMW S13 engine cam cover before painting.

BMW S13 engine cam cover before painting.

How to get your parts vapour blasted

Vapour blasting is a part cleaning, part surface finishing treatment. So the cleaner the parts are when they come in the shorter time we spend on them. Please send in parts free of grease, oil, silicone, gaskets, or loose dirt.

We will send the parts back in the same packaging they arrived in – so please pack them properly.

  • Get all the parts together. Dissemble entirely ! 
  • Give us a call if want any more detail about how it all works. 0220 913 735
  • Email  us  –    ( one @ will do if you are a human ) with :
    • your name,
    • invoice name,
    • delivery address,
    • phone number  at the delivery address,
    • email address
    • list of parts to clean up.
    • By doing this we have all your details in the accounting system and the rest of the admin runs much faster. We have to get all this boring stuff off you at some point so it might as well be up front.
  • Ship your parts.  Be sure to package the parts well, with cushioning on all sides with crumpled paper, polystyrene, bubble wrap,etc.  Don’t use shredded paper, it makes a mess.  If you shake the box and can hear things moving it isn’t packed adequately. Heavy items can break out if they are not supported.  Pack it tight.
  • Send your parts to:  Vapourshot Ltd, 106 Third View Ave, Auckland 2018
  • We do the job and email you an invoice the day the job is finished. Read the instructions on what to do when you get your parts back  and return the email saying that you have read the instructions.
  • Payment can be done made by bank transfer (preferred ) or credit card ( a 3% surcharge will be added )
  • When  the invoice is paid and you have read the instructions  we send the parts back using a courier and we will email you a tracking number.
  • Unpack, rinse the parts thoroughly. This is really important. The fine glass beads get into everything ! Air dry them off, oil any ferrous areas.
  • Bolt on shiny parts !


The wrinkles. If your parts are covered in grease, oil, or dirt  we will have to pre clean them.  It is better that you wire brush any gunk off first.

Silicone and sealant soak up blasting media like a bouncy rubber ball. It is no accident that the inside of the machine is coated in silicone rubber ! Silicon and gaskets have to come off the parts first. The vapour blasting process wont remove silicone, gaskets or tar.

Ferrous parts may flash rust. They have had a lot of water flying around. The blast water has a corrosion inhibitor that will not last long so get some protection onto ferrous parts straight away. When your parts come back dunk them in a bucket of water and then rinse off.  Then dry with compressed air getting into the tight spots. This is to ensure there is no blast media hiding in any corners where. The glass beads are  very fine and will act like a grinding paste if they are left behind.  Ferrous parts are likely to rust so we advise treating immediately  with a preservative like ACF-50