What can be vapour blasted ?

Nearly anything, although aluminium or parts that used to be shiny comes up best !  Cast iron or aluminium, brass, bronze, stainless steel, mild steel are obvious starters. Other materials include carbon fibre, rubber. 

What size of component can be blasted ?

The cabinet is big, for example a 20 inch wheel can easily fit. Any single piece should  not be over 20kg.  Small parts are limited by being able to handle them with gloves on.

How long will it take ?

Depending on the work load around 3 days. Add courier journeys.

What should I do to the parts before hand ?

Read  the page  how do I get my parts cleaned first. Disassemble the components completely. Remove any gaskets, O rings, tar,  and silicone sealant. Degrease and pack your parts well.

What should I do when the parts come back ?

Unpack immediately and check you have all the parts back. Rinse all parts in fresh water, taking care of any nooks and crannies that blasting material may have nestled into. Rinse and blow dry with compressed air. Any ferrous surfaces should have some oil wiped over  them at a minimum. We prefer the whole item is treated with a specialist preservative like ACF-50.

What is typically cleaned ?

The most common uses are for cleaning automotive parts for either rebuild or restoration. Transmission and engines not only look better clean but they have to be scrupulously clean before reassembly. Alloy gearbox cases, engine components,  cylinder heads, inlet manifolds all look great after being treated. Motorcycle cylinder barrels are well suited as they have many difficult to reach areas and come up with shiny satin finish.

Steel or iron parts also come up well and are ready for repaint. Brake calipers, suspension components, subframes can all be stripped of paint and be prepared for a new coat. The vapour gets into small areas and surface unevenness from casting, cleaning it throughly so making it easy to restore

Carbon fibre and composites can be cleaned of release agents and other chemicals and have a key put into them ready for bonding.

Marine and outboard engines can have salt water galleries  cleaned and corrosion blasted out.